MetroFanatic Survivor: 2017
Last Week: In a very close vote, Sean Davis is out with 24%.

This Week: Aurelien Collin is Hero, so the No Pants Tribe is up again.

MF Survivor - 5th OUT:

Derrick Etienne

Fredrik Gulbrandsen

Connor Lade

Aaron Long

Damien Perrinelle

Luis Robles

Bradley Wright-Phillips

Welcome to MetroFanatic Survivor! Last year, Sacha Kljestan topped two-time defending champion Luis Robles in the final.

This year, 18 players into two tribes: Pants (players acquired by Ali Curtis) and No Pants (players not acquired by Curtis, plus Derrick Etienne, who was signed by Curtis but played for RBNY II before Curtis arrived. We need even teams). Each week, vote off the player you think least deserves to be the Ultimate Metro Survivor. Just like in the real Survivor, each week a tribe will be granted immunity and will be expempt from the vote. The immunity will be chosen by MetroFanatic and will usually go to the tribe which has this week's Metro of the Week (or to that player individually). When the tribes dwindle, they will merge and the Ultimate Metro Survivor will be crowned!

The Pants Tribe week 1 week 3
 Tyler Adams 2% 7%
 Aurelien Collin 7% 5%
 Mike Grella 7% 19%
 Sacha Kljestan 2% 14%
 Kemar Lawrence 1% 4%
 Felipe Martins 1% 5%
 Alex Muyl 9% 35%
 Daniel Royer 1% 11%
 Gonzalo Veron 70%
The No Pants Tribe week 2 week 4 week 5
 Sean Davis 10% 24%
 Derrick Etienne 15% 18%
 Fredrik Gulbrandsen 9% 21%
 Connor Lade 2% 7%
 Aaron Long 4% 6%
 Damien Perrinelle 26% 21%
 Luis Robles 1% 1%
 Bradley Wright-Phillips 0% 2%
 Sal Zizzo 34%

MetroFanatic Survivor is a parody. No one wins any money or gets marooned. Yet.
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