MLS Power Rankings
Rank Team Comment
 1 New York Head and shoulders above everyone else.
 2 New England Inching closer to the top spot.
 3 Kansas City A win next game can send them to the top two.
 4 Los Angeles Better than most teams in the league.
 5 Cincinnati Close call with Portland.
 6 Portland Too early to tell how good they can really be.
 7 Chicago Fans are starting to get optimistic.
 8 Salt Lake It's difficult to rank them higher than this.
 9 Colorado Any enthusiasm should be curbed for now.
 10 Vancouver Wins, losses, draws... Can we have some consistency?
 11 Columbus One more misstep, and they could be sliding.
 12 Montreal They've had better seasons.
 13 Orlando Propping up the middle tier.
 14 San Jose One more bad result and they're in trouble.
 15 Seattle Dangerously close to the bottom five.
 16 Toronto Watch out, the cellar is close!
 17 Dallas Absolutely horrible... But better than DC, NYC, and Philly.
 18 Philadelphia Philadelphia is utter garbage.
 19 NY City Man City's farm team.
 20 DC United Same old DC, always losing...
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