MetroFanatic Awards: 2021
Date Hero of the Week Bum of the Week
 2021 Season Sean Davis
MetroFanatic Hero of the Year
The Offense
MetroFanatic Bum of the Year
 Nov 15 - 21 Sean Davis
Played every minute this season
Fotis Bazakos
Awfully refereed game
 Nov 1 - 7 Carlos Coronel
Saved the season with a late save
Patryk Klimala
Couldn't finish vs Atlanta, and got a stupid suspension
 Oct 25 - 31 Caden Clark
Finally plays, and saves the game vs Montreal
The Offense
Putrid in both games
 Oct 18 - 24 Sean Nealis
Great defensively, and what a goal!
Patryk Klimala
Redeemed with the assist, but those misses were awful
 Oct 11 - 17 Cristian Casseres
His goal filled the quota and won it
Vincent Castellanos
A diver and a faker
 Oct 4 - 10 Andrew Gutman
Goal last week, terrific assist this one
Gonzalo Higuain
All washed up with no place to go
 Sept 27 - Oct 3 Sean Davis
His 200th Metro game might have been his best
Frankie Amaya
Can't perform when given a rare start
 Sept 20 - 26 Carlos Coronel
Four points vs poseurs would not be possible without him
 Sept 13 - 19 Patryk Klimala
Has been improving; goals in both games
Gerhard Struber
Parked the bus against Columbus, blowing the game
 Sept 6 - 12 Dru Yearwood
Finally scored a goal
Omir Fernandez
Bad this game, bad all year
 Aug 23 - 29 Inanimate Carbon Rod
It's a rod kind of a year...
Patryk Klimala
Not a terrible player, but a pretty bad DP
 Aug 16 - 22 Carlos Coronel
Four huge saves in win over Columbus
The Weather
A lengthy delay, only for another game to be postponed...
 Aug 9 - 15 Inanimate Carbon Rod
Another blown lead
Amro Tarek
Should have sold him to Cyprus...
 Aug 2 - 8 Inanimate Carbon Rod
Another terrible week
Whole Team
Complete garbage in both games
 July 26 - Aug 1 Wikelman Carmona
Fantastic first career goal
Red Bull
What do you expect for a team with no central defenders?
 July 19 - 25 Inanimate Carbon Rod
No one deserves it for this week
Amro Tarek
Enjoy Cyprus?
 July 5 - 11 Sean Davis
Saved the ball off the line; has been excellent in playing every minute
Klimala's Hair
Why would anyone mimic male pattern baldness?
 June 28 - July 4 Carlos Coronel
Many choices this week, but his PK save was beyond huge
Sean Nealis
Don't try to dribble out of the box!
 June 21 - 27 Euro 2020
A much better alternative than watching Metro this week
Carlos Coronel
Lucky shutout vs Atlanta, but bad against the Revs
 June 14 - 20 Kyle Duncan
Terrific goal, and with his left foot!
Tolkin's Hair
Is he trying out for a bad metal band?
 May 24 - 30 Tom Edwards
Thurst into central defense, excels... and starts the first goal
Carlos Coronel
Allowed a goal through the five-hole
 May 17 - 23 Mandela Egbo
Spoke out against racist scum fans
Andres Reyes
The Andres Reyes Experience turned into a disaster
 May 10 - 16 Inanimate Carbon Rod
Never good for the rod to come out
Carlos Coronel
One mistake cost Metro the game
 May 3 - 9 Caden Clark
Created the first goal, scored the second
Chris Armas
So glad he is no longer Metro coach
 Apr 26 - May 2 Fabio
Has not scored yet, but set up both Metro foals
Tom Barlow
Has not scored yet, and will he ever?
 Apr 19 - 25 Andrew Gutman
Started and ended the play for his first Metro goal
Sean Nealis
Should not be starting
 Apr 12 - 18 Caden Clark
Who else? Another great goal.
Andrew Gutman
Terrific in the first half... but that handball destroyed the game
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