Same old, same old for Metro in 1:0 loss to Fire
August 28, 2021

New York Chicago

08.28.21 · League

In the past year, with the pandemic making us even more homebodies than before, we've been engrossed in the world of streaming television. The whole universe of entertainment is at your fingertips, for just a low monthly fee! How can one not watch?

So we watch, engrossing ourselves in fictional worlds that take us away from real life troubles. But here is a problem:

Many of these shows are just not good. Oh, some of them start promising, and attempt to suck you in, but as you get a few episodes in, you ask yourself: Do I even like this? Why am I watching this feces?

So you stop. That decision is simple. Not a big loss, it's just a few episodes. You move on, because a new, potentially better show is just a click away.

But what if it's not just a few episodes? What if you have been watching the same show, season after season, and, oh man, the show used to be so good, and you couldn't wait until the next episode, and then... it starts to suck.

Is this just one episode, you think. So you watch another, and it still sucks, and now it's a trend, and you search for a silver lining, and you hope that the show comes back to its former glory, but it just gets worse and worse, and stupider and stupider, with idiotic plots, and bad acting, and plot holes the size of Uranus, and you ask yourself time and again, WHY AM I WATCHING THIS ABSOLUTE, UTTER FECES?

But you can't quit. You have so much invested in this stupid show; so much time spent in this universe, with these characters, so you grind your teeth and watch watch watch, dumb episode after dumb episode, until the bitter, moronic end that makes you question the sanity of the show's creators... and your own.

We're talking about "Dexter" here. What did you think this was about?

Lineup: Coronel, Gutman, Nealis, Reyes, Edwards, Davis, Tolkin, Clark, Carmona, Klimala, Fabio. Subs: Royer, Duncan, Amaya, Tarek.

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