Media Day with Josh Sims
February 27, 2020

MetroFanatic: Josh, you've played in the Premier League. How does this compare?
Josh Sims: It's a good standard over here. I came here last year and I enjoyed it, so I came back here to hopefully improve again and bring some qualities from the Premier League here.

MF: Five years ago, this was unheard of. You're pretty young for a soccer player. To come here from the Premier League at that age... What has changed?
JS: People are realizing now that the standard is good out here, and the league is improving. It's definitely more of a prospect for the younger players to come here and improve as well. I think people have opened their eyes to the bigger picture.

MF: Is it the standard, or the money as well?
JS: No, no, the standard. (laughs)

MF: You did get paid, though.
JS: Obviously, I'm on loan, so it's a bit different. But first and foremost, the standard is good.

MF: It's a half year loan, whose decision is it gonna be in June?
JS: The decision is difficult because the seasons are different. I'm gonna run out the loan until the Premier League finishes, that will take me to June. It will be down to Southampton and Red Bulls to see what happens next year.

MF: It seemed from watching you, you really wanted to score.
JS: Yeah.

MF: Finally, you get the goal in the playoffs, and playing so great, and then you get injured...
JS: Yeah. It was a tough one. It felt like it came to an end at a wrong time. That's another reason why I'm back here. I felt like it's unfinished business. That's why I'm looking forward to coming back here and playing more games.

MF: Did having a coach at Southampton who was part of the Red Bulls organization play a part?
JS: For sure. The Red Bull link at Southampton, the manager who came in was at Red Bull, so he knows how the guys play here. It's definitely a group thing and they play very similar. I knew the way the guys are playing over here, so it was definitely a good decision.

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