Overmatched Metro embarrassed in LA, 4:0
September 28, 2014

Los Angeles New York
Keane 2

09.28.14 · League

In this club's 19-year history, there have been some bad, bad weeks. This one is up there. Coming off a pathetic scoreless tie that knocked them out of the Champions League, Metro was embarrassed at LA, 4:0. Ugh.

Here's where we usually talk about lineup changes and recap the game action, but after watching this debacle, we just don't have it in us. Let's just visit some key points:

  • LA is much better than us
  • Robbie Keane undressed Roy Miller on the opening goal
  • Chris Duvall's mistake early in the second was a back-breaker
  • We need a competent defender to pair with Jamison Olave
  • Richard Eckersley is not dead
  • Richard Eckersley resembles a walking corpse
  • It could have been worse
  • Marc de Grandpre once fired Bruce Arena
  • LA is much, much better than us

    And we'll leave you with this... when the choice is Champions League advancement or MLS playoffs, what if we end up with... neither?

    Lineup: Robles, Miller, Olave, Sekagya, Duvall, McCarty, Alexander, Cahill, Luyindula, Wright-Phillips, Henry. Subs: Eckersley, Bover, Obekop.

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