Ten Best: Metros who played for Scum
April 9, 2014

This weekend, Metro will play its oldest, vile, repulsive, primary rival: DC Scum. Lining up for DC will be a member of Metro's All-Time XI, one of the best defenders in club history. Alas! This is how MLS winds blow. So let's look back at the ten best Metro players to spend some time in the hated jersey. And, no, don't expect the fat bastard Jaime Moreno to be listed. Duh.

  • 10) Richie Williams: Scum 1996-2000, 2002; NY 2001, 2003
    Oh, how we hated "Little Dick" when he was with the Scum! Metro acquired him in the trade for Mike Ammann before the 2001 season in a move that was designed for Tim Howard to take over the goalkeeping reigns (more below). Richie would go back to DC after a single year with Metro in exchange for Brian Kamler, then return for his final go-around in the big Eddie Pope trade (more below). Of course, he also became a Metro assistant in 2006 and stayed through multiple regimes, surviving through 2010 and almost wiping off that DC stench. Almost.

  • 9) Diego Sonora: NY 1998; Scum 1999
    Sonora had a very good single season as Metro's right back in 1998, so many heads were scratched when he was shipped out to DC soon after. He lasted only a single season with the Scum.

  • 8) Petter Villegas: NY 1996, 1999-2002; Scum 2002
    A cup of coffee in 1996, then three full seasons, where Villegas ran up and down the right flank, scored a bunch of goals, assisted on many others, and turned in more Jekyll-and-Hyde performances than anyone in team history. Then, midway through 2002, he got traded to the Scum in the Mark Lisi deal (more below). The best part of Villegas' half a year in DC? While suspended, he came up to Giants Stadium and cheered on Metro.

  • 7) Dema Kovalenko: Scum 2003-05; NY 2006-07
    Hated by some for his time in Chicago and DC, Kovalenko left the league for native Ukraine after the 2005 season, but was itching to return soon after. With Bruce Arena now Metro's coach, he traded an allocation for Kovalenko. The once-villain quickly became a Metro hero for his tenacious play in midfield. With Arena gone after the 2007 season, Kovalenko was traded to Salt Lake, before reuniting with his old coach in LA.

  • 6) Mike Ammann: NY 1999-2000; Scum 2001
    The beloved goalkeeper spent two seasons as Metro's starter, and is forever part of team lore for his (be it sad) part in the "Crime of the Century" incident involving Mamadouchebag Diallo. But after the 2000 season, the writing was on the wall: Howard was ready for the starting job. So Ammann was traded to the Scum for Williams, and spent a year in DC, before retiring due to injuries. The most memorable part of his Scum stay was jokingly taunting Metro supporters with DC leading 2:0... The game ended 3:2 Metro, an incredible comeback started with just 11 minutes left.

  • 5) Eddie Pope: Scum 1996-02; NY 2003-04
    Of all the DC cornerstones Metro aquired through the years (Moreno, Williams, Jeff Agoos), Pope acquitted himself the best -- by far. His 2003 still stands as the best season by a defender in team history. However, a season later, Pope was out-shined by a certain rookie (more below). Two-time MLS Best XI with Metro, he was shipped out to Salt Lake for an allocation before the 2005 season.

  • 4) Mark Lisi: Scum 2001-02; NY 2002-06
    Dubbed "The Cockroach" by the local media, Lisi spent four and a half seasons with Metro, but not before starting his MLS career with a season and a half with DC (he came north in the Villegas trade). The last player left standing from Octavio Zambrano's reign, he also survived Bob Bradley, but chronic injuries led to early retirement. Arguably, one of the best passers in team history.

  • 3) Dax McCarty: Scum 2011; NY 2011-
    McCarty's stint with the Scum is just a blip on his career radar, as he spent the early part of 2011 with DC. Arriving in the then-controversial Dwayne De Rosario trade, he had a tough adjustment in his first season, but was arguably the team's most consistent player in 2012 and 2013.

  • 2) Jeff Parke: NY 2004-08; Scum 2014-
    And now we're here. Once MLS's Mr. Irrelevant after Bradley took him with the last pick of the SuperDraft, Parke immediately became a starter, outplaying veteran stalwart, central defense partner Pope. (This after -- how can we forget -- scoring the winning goal in La Manga Cup!) He would spend five years with Metro, leaving in second place in games played. The brainless brain trust of Juan Carlos Osorio and Agoos decided to leave Parke in the expansion draft. He went to Seattle, Philly, and now DC.

  • 1) Mike Petke: NY 1998-02, 2009-10; Scum 2003-05
    Of course. Metro's all-time leader in games played, the current head coach, one of the most popular players in team history, and heart and soul of Metro, actually played two and a half seasons with the Scum after being sent south in the Pope deal. He doesn't like to talk about it, so why should we?
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