Media Day with Carl Robinson
March 15, 2011

MetroFanatic: Carl, please tell us something about Wales that we don't know.
Carl Robinson: It's a beautiful place, it's a great countryside. The people are very friendly.

MF: And you're one of those people?
CR: I am one of those people. Brought up the right way. Respect the values, and have all my life.

MF: Why did you move to MLS in a first place?
CR: I just wanted a change of life for me and my family, after playing 12 years professionally in Europe. I fancied a change, I made the decision to come. Had three great years in Toronto, made a lot of friends there, moved to New York last year.

MF: You're enjoying the New York / New Jersey area?
CR: I love it. The people are great here. The organization is fantastic, one that wants to go places, and I want to be a part of that.

MF: You didn't have a big role last year, but you re-signed this year.
CR: My role last year was withdrawn because of injury. I sat down with the management at the end of last year, and discussed my role this year. They wanted me to come back. I'm probably not gonna play as many games as I'm used to playing, because I'm no spring chicken no more. I'm getting older, but I've got all the experience, a lot of knowledge, and hopefully I will pass it on to the young ones, as well as playing a part role this year.

MF: You did not celebrate your goal much last year.
CR: No, I didn't. Two reasons: one, I respect the Toronto fans. Also, my father was terminally ill at that time, and sadly a month later he passed away.

MF: How about the fans over here, have they taken on to you?
CR: I hope so. The fans here are great. Coming to MLS was different, but I was fortunate enough to be part of the Toronto franchise and now the New York franchise. Both have got fantastic sets of fans. As long as you give them something to shout about, day in an day out they're always here supporting you. They can become our 12th man again like they were last year.

MF: Mo Johnston, who used to coach here, was your boss in Toronto. Tell us your best Mo story.
CR: (laughs)

MF: This can be off the record if you want.
CR: Oh no...

MF: Mo is a one tough cookie.
CR: He's a tough cookie. He wears his heart on his sleeve, he speaks his mind good and bad, and I got on great with Mo for my first two and a half years...

MF: Two and a half!
CR: (laughs) So three months later, I left. We'll leave it at that.

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