Media Day with Jozy Altidore
March 25, 2008

MetroFanatic: Jozy, how was last week down in Florida and Nashville?
Jozy Altidore: It was good, really entertaining, we had a lot of fun playing in the Olympics, and got the job done in getting to Beijing.

MF: What are your thoughts on visiting China?
JA: China? I went there a little bit earlier in the year. Right now, I'm really excited to see how we finish.

MF: How is your commitment to the Under-23 national team and possibly the senior national team gonna effect your time with your club?
JA: Being in the situation, if that happens, and I end up doing all that, I'm gonna give 110% effort and do my best to make this team as good as possible.

MF: You never really had a full season with your club team. Do you see that as a problem going forward?
JA: All players in the world do that, you don't really have a full season because of the national duties. I'm gonna have to get used to it.

MF: Can you tell us if any of the teams in Europe have contacted you?
JA: Nah, I can't say that.

MF: You can't say their actual names, but has there been any talk?
JA: I'm not gonna talk about it.

MF: Alright... Most of the fans expect for you to leave by the end of the year. Do you have any message for them?
JA: I don't want to say anything about it.

MF: So you don't expect to be here yourself.
JA: (silence)

MF: Come on, Jozy. When I talked to you at the draft two years ago, you were a wide-eyed kid happy to play in MLS. But now...
JA: I don't know what to tell you. I'm here, I'm happy here, and that's that.

MF: Your contract with the team is for this year and another year, correct?
JA: Yes.

MF: Now, ignoring all the Europe stuff, do you have a message for the fans who love seeing you every week?
JA: Come to the games, it's gonna be very entertaining. We're gonna play our hearts out this year and try to win the championship.

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