Media Day with Jerrod Laventure
March 21, 2007

MetroFanatic: This time last year, when we were talking to you...
Jerrod Laventure: I remember!

MF: were working on your first season as a full-time player. How do you think you performed last year?
JL: I think I did alright. The times I got into the game, I think I did well. I got a goal and an assist in a short time, which is a big positive. I'm looking forward to doing bigger and better things this year, to start a few games and hopefully insert myself permanently into the starting eleven.

MF: Obviously last year there was a lot of turmoil in the front office. Was there anyone in particular with the current group that came in mid-season that you found yourself identifying with (Richie, John, Bruce)?
JL: I pretty much get along well with everyone on the coaching staff, they relate really well with most of the guys here. There aren't any personality conflicts or anything like that. They understand what it takes to be a successful player, they cater to us, give us exactly what we need. I couldn't ask for a better coaching staff than the one we have right now.

MF: Do you think that you fit better into the new system?
JL: Yeah, I think that's a pretty fair assessment. I think on a personnel level, they're dealing with guys as individuals now, working to give us what we need to be successful. There's more of a microscopic look at the team and the players than there was last year; there's much more staff and they're taking it more seriously than they did last year.

MF: You were scheduled to play for the Haitian national team last year, do you plan on being a part of their effort going forward?
JL: I don't know. At this point, I haven't played for them, and I haven't played for the United States, so my options are still open. It's something I definitely wasn't expecting, I was almost shocked that I got that call-up. It's something that if it comes around again, I'll have to think about it, see where I'm at in my career, and make the decision according to where I stand.

MF: Do you think having Bruce as a coach enhances your chances of being a part of the national team?
JL: Yes, definitely. I think his credentials are impeccable; his national team record is excellent. Coming from that background internationally, you know that he knows what it takes to play at that level. That's going to help all of us in the long run.

MF: Here's the big one: last year, you scored an incredible goal against Columbus...
JL: Thank you.

MF: ...and for whatever reason, it wasn't even a finalist for Goal of the Year. Did you get robbed, or what?
JL: I'm not worried about it too much. I'm just glad that I did get that opportunity to score that goal, hopefully I can do it again. I'm looking forward to being a finalist this time, I'll definitely be working on my finishing a lot this year!

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