Metro fans in game...
Supporters talk about the trip to RFK
April 4, 2006

While the Metro fans in attendance in DC for the season opener represented the biggest traveling support in league history, it was not all fun and games for many of them after thuggish attacks by DC "fans", poseur wannabe hooligans who seemed to care more about violence than the game itself. Below is a compilation of eyewitness accounts from people who were there, with some minor editing for spelling and grammar. Please note that the purpose of this article is to summarize the events that occurred, and not to call for any kind of revenge action.

"During the course of the game there was repeated taunting back and forth between us and a group that sat with La Norte but seems to be composed of non-La Norte members. On at least one occasion that I could see, but I was a few rows back from the aisle, they attempted top get closer to our group."

"At halftime as I was in the concourse area having a smoke a group of the skinheads attempted too start something by taunting and bumping into our guys. While some of the younger guys wanted to talk back, older/calmer heads prevented anything from happening."

"After being 2-0 before the half, La Norte was yelling at us a little more, but we barely heard them over our own noise. When we went to the stairs to have a smoke and there was a line of about five-six 'skinhead-looking' dudes with the baby-armed black guy. I just got my food, walked past them and one tried to bump me. Nothing but a bunch of name-calling happened between us, and I walked on."

"La Norte/121 Firm spent the entire game turned around, focused on us rather than the game. They came up to our section a few times before the half and tried spitting at us, but security held them back. At the half, they were bumping into people on the concourse trying to get them riled up. They tried coming up through security a few times during the second half, each time trying to bait us into a fight. In the 86th minute, ten 121 [members] ducked out early, odd since the game was still very much up for grabs. I mentioned to a few people to watch them coming from the back of the section. Three of them come down the right side, get into a scuffle with a few of the ESC. Security broke that up, but forced us to stay in our section for the next twenty odd minutes. I think by that time, all of Section 316 was on a seat, all the way at the right taunting La Norte/121 as they left. A few 'f**k DC' chants flew up, some 'DC sucks' chants, but mostly it was chanting/singing Metro."

"With about four minutes remaining, fans from the lower level of DC supporters came into the Red Bulls supporters area, where it was clear arena security was making a concerted effort to separate the two. A small fracas occurred between the small contingent of DC fans and part of the Empire Supporters Club. Security began to move the DC fans away and up the stairs towards the exit, when I was punched in the side of my face by a man in his late-teens to early 20s short black hair and a black t-shirt on."

"After the game ended, a fight broke out. It was somewhat small, and I counted at least five DC thugs (with 'Flipper', the bald black guy, at the head of it) in the scuffle. Some things were thrown, including beer. Most of the people, including myself, were pretty shocked and just looked on, and it took almost half a minute or so for security to show a significant presence (even though they were steps away). The DC attackers left the way they came, and we continued to sing and chant until we could leave the stadium."

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