Media Day with Ryan Meara
February 27, 2020

MetroFanatic: Ryan, are you actually gonna start this week?
Ryan Meara: We'll see, you have to talk to Chris. I tweaked my groin playing in the game the other day, so just taking it day by day, but I'm feeling good.

MF: You last started on opening day in 2012, when we were all younger and thinner. Eight years is a long time to wait...
RM: I've had my games, it's not like I haven't done anything the past eight years. I've had my fair share of games.

MF: Couple of years though, there wasn't much.
RM: Listen, you do what you're told. I'm excited.

MF: Over the years, there were a bunch of chances to leave. They kept protecting you in the expansion drafts. Did you wait for the day when Luis would be moving on?
RM: Yeah, I love it here. I've enjoyed every second of being here. You're always hoping for the opportunity, so this year it's here, and I'm ready for it.

MF: You actually didn't win the second Shield, because you were on loan with the guys across the river. Did you forget that even happened?
RM: It's funny, it's one of those things, I had no choice. I go where I'm told. We don't have much freedom of movement, if you got traded or loaned, you gotta go. That was part of the job, I did it for the year, I came back, and happy to be here.

MF: How is the competition with David?
RM: It's good. David, Kendall, Wallis, it's been good. Each of us is different in our own ways, each is unique. It's a good work environment.

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