Why cut Stephen Keel?
November 19, 2012

Today, the Sword of Damocles fell on ten players, signifying one of the biggest cut days in Metro history. And while some of the departures make clear sense (Jhonny Arteaga, Jose Angulo), there are a couple that leave us scratching our head.

And no, we're not talking about Jan Gunnar Solli and Teemu Tainio. For all the good they brought the team during the past two seasons, they are clearly on the decline. (Jan Gunnar, we'll never forget your three-assist game in DC! Teemu, we keep thinking how different it would have been if you didn't go down in LA!) No, we're talking about Stephen Keel and Tyler Ruthven.

No, Keel and Ruthven are clearly not all-stars. They are not even starters on this team. That being said, they are valuable depth players who proved important when others went down. Who can forget Keel's performance down the stretch last season, when he beat out Rafa Marquez, the man making 100 times his salary, for a spot in central defense? And what about this season, when Ruthven helped hold down the fort during a tough stretch in May? (Metro's record in his four starts: 4-0, two goals allowed.)

Detractors can say that these players are dime a dozen, that for all their adequacy they have not shown exception aptitude. Yet these players are more than necessary for the team's depth. Who will they be replaced with? Someone else from the minor leagues who may or may not be better? A draft pick? (Well, no, we have no draft picks.) Why forgo sure, inexpensive players in this, a salary cap league?

Oh, and Corey Hertzog. Why would you not give a chance to Corey Hertzog?...

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