Media Day with Dane Richards
March 22, 2012

MetroFanatic: Dane, you are now the longest tenured player, and you know how that usually goes...
Dane Richards: I try not to think about it, man, it's a good thing, you know. Each year, I'm not trying to get too cocky. Working on it.

MF: It seems that each year, you get a little better.
DR: Just trying to improve, get to the cup. We have new teammates now, so we gotta work with each other, get used to each other.

MF: You played a little forward at the end of last year. Do you have a preference of that versus right midfield?
DR: Right midfield is my natural position. When there are injuries and such, coach always put my up front.

MF: So he sacrifices what you do in midfield to put you at forward.
DR: Basically, he sees what he wants up top with me. I try not to disappoint him.

MF: You scored the playoff-clinching goal the last two seasons, and then obviously you have one of the best performances in team history in Houston in 2008. So you're getting up there as far as the team's legends are concerned.
DR: Yeah, I never thought about that...
Ryan Maduro: (laughs hysterically)

MF: Why are you laughing, Ryan, he's climbing up that ladder!
DR: I never think about that, I just try to improve and set up my teammates when I can and try to finish when I can, that's my game.

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