Despite horrid no-call, Metro tie Revs 1:1
September 18, 2009

New York New England
Wolyniec Nyassi
09.18.09 · League

During any other season, we would be irate. We would call referee Hilario Grajeda the worst referee in MLS history (well, we probably wouldn't, not with Kevin Stott's lifetime of work, but maybe we'd lift the title for a week). Or we would call his non-call the worst non-call ever... OK, you know what, screw it. The game is irrelevant, the result, a 1:1 tie with New England, is irrelevant, the season is long over. Whatever. The non-call by Grajeda was the worst non-call in the history of soccer. Yes, that includes anything Stott ever did.

With Metro down 1:0 after an early goal by Sainey Nyassi, John Wolyniec broke free in the box in the 48th minute. Rev hack Emmanuel Osei took down Woly with a horrible tackle across the leg. Clear, clear penalty. Seriously, we're biased here. We love our horrible Metro, and we'd be the first to admit we're not always fair to the idiotic MLS referees. But this was textbook. This was as clear penalty as any penalty in the history of soccer. But not so to the blind eyes of Mr. Grajeda. Three MLS referees were recently suspended... It should be four after this game.

And what is it with the Rev hacks? You're playing one of the worst teams in league history. A fecal, terrible, pathetic team. Do you really need to go after Wolyniec's legs -- play after play? This is John Wolyniec, not exactly Juan Pablo Angel (who missed his second straight match with an injury). Is your only way to win -- to hack?

Even on the goal, the Metro goal that came in the 70th minute, tying the match. Who else -- John Wolyniec, with Dane Richards serving the cross and the Staten Island Ronaldo finishing -- and being taken down by the Revs on the same play, not able to continue for the rest of the match. Pathetic, New England. Pathetic, Grajeda. (Pathetic, Mac Kandji, who had an easy, easy chance to win it late in the game, but whatever. At least they got a point tonight.)

Lineup: Coundoul, Borman, Petke, Boyens, Hall, Sassano, Stammler, Rojas, Richards, Wolyniec, Kandji. Subs: Celades, Mbuta, Ubiparipovic.

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