Dumped Dutchman defeats dumb Osorio, 2:1
July 4, 2009

Dallas New York
Cunningham 2 Angel
07.04.09 · League

In the offseason, Jeff Agoos and Juan Carlos Osorio decided that they did not need the services of Dave van den Bergh. So the Walking Dutchman, arguably the team's best player last year, was sent packing to Dallas, for Dominic Oduro. Oduro has long been dropped, and tonight, van den Bergh provided the pass that provided the winning goal in Dallas' 2:1 win over Metro. The season from hell is full swing.

Osorio's lineup changes were Danleigh Borman for Alfredo Pacheco (away at the Gold Cup), Mike Petke for Carlos Mendes, Matthew Mbuta for Khano Smith, and Juan Pablo Angel (returning from injury) for John Wolyniec. There was some reshuffling of positions, but honestly, we're too tired to keep track of that anymore.

Dallas' goals came two minutes apart, in the 15th and 17th. Both were scored by Jeff Cunningham; the first off a bad Luke Sassano turnover, the second on a perfect van den Bergh cross that was met by Cunningham at the goalmouth.

(OK, seriously, why the hell did they trade van den Bergh? Yeah, there's this whole spiel about VDB asking to go to Dallas to that his son could be closer to his wife's family. Sure. But Dave himself said that his first choice was to stay with New York. And he even re-signed a contract to stay here. And then Agoos and Osorio, the bumbling duo that has doomed this club to a season of pathetic proportions, decide that for some god knows what reason, van den Bergh is not good enough for their team. Unf@#$ingbelieavale. Just completely idiotic. You basically give away the best crosser in team history, someone who had a great understanding on the field with your star striker, for a glorified sub that has since been dropped (and a swap of draft picks. Hooray! A swap of draft picks! Sure, that yielded Jeremy Hall, a supposed left wing -- except Osorio starts him at right back. Jesus f@#$ing Christ, are Agoos and Osorio inept.))

Metro had some moments late in the half, as Mbuta messed up a breakaway, but got on the board in the 43rd, when a Borman cross found Angel at the doorstep. In the second half, Angel had a seemingly legit goal called back for offside, Jorge Rojas idiotically muffed a clear chance in the box, and John Wolyniec, who was once again was subbed in too late, had his once chance saved by Ray Burse.

How pathetic was Metro? Here's a telling statistic: Dallas committed two fouls in the entire match. TWO fouls. Our players are so feeble that they don't even need to be fouled. Pathetic.

Thanks, Agoos and Osorio.

Lineup: Cepero, Borman, Boyens, Petke, Hall, Sassano, Stammler, Rojas, Zimmerman, Mbuta, Angel. Subs: Ubiparipovic, Smith, Wolyniec.

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